Software to identify and mitigate risk in power systems 

If today's power systems are exposed to unpredictable destabilising factors, then the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow's systems could increase the risks. Extreme weather, decentralized generation assets, new technologies and entirely novel systems for distributing and trading energy are just a few of the factors that are transforming energy systems globally. 

Whilst there are immense opportunities for positive change, adverse consequences are equally likely - and dramatic. Quite simply, without a reliable energy supply, nothing works. From hospitals to houses, from industry to school - our way of life cannot be secure without energy security.

That's why Promaps has developed software that ensures security of supply and power systems that are fit for tomorrow.  

By applying Promaps tools you will increase the reliability and availability of energy and reduce the cost of not delivered energy to your client.


Promaps Realtime 

Probabilistic risk analysis of complex power systems.


Promaps Realtime helps network owners to secure a stable and secure energy supply together with the most efficient operation and expansion of the power grid. 


Promaps Analytics

Simulate the impact on the power system of different actions. 


Foresight into potential effects such as maintenance, forest clearing, planning for bad weather, smart grid technology, renewable production and battery storage.


Promaps Opra

Risk calculation of flare system.


Promaps Opra helps determine the risk of critical overpressure in flare systems through efficient reliability and pressure calculations.