“Energy access is critical to most manufacturers. But the power supply is exposed to changing weather conditions, maintenance, change in demand and changing amount of energy available. The risk of unexpected loss of energy can be loss of production, damaged equipment, direct financial loss or health at risk. In Norway more than €100 million is lost every year from power failure for the power grid companies alone.


That's why we are driven to create software that ensures security of supply and systems that are fit for tomorrow.”  

CEO, Promaps Technology, Arne Brufladt Svendsen

Since 2004, Arne has developed the risk and reliability methodology for complex power system regularity studies and for Promaps.


In recent years, he has focused on the development of Promaps Realtime (including weather influence) and deployment.

Main interest: using extensive simulation to gain better insights into the inherent property of power system and calibrate power system decisions.

Arne has a M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Arne Brufladt Svendsen

M.Sc in Electrical Power engineering


Ingrid Honve
Lead Scientific Programmer

M.Sc in Informatics

Ingrid has been working on the development of decision tools for production planning since 2003.


First as a researcher for SINTEF and, since 2016, as part of the Promaps Realtime development team.

Ingrid has a M.SC in Infomatics from the University of Bergen.

Trond Tollefsen
Lead Methodologist

M.Sc in Cybernetics

Trond has been working on the development of the Promaps methodology since 2009. He is also responsible for Promaps Opra, a software package for risk assessments of flare systems.

Trond's area of expertise is reliability assessment methodology and novel mathematical algorithms and he has a M.Sc. in Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Martin Groh
Lead System Architect

B.Sc in Informatics

Before joining the Promaps team in 2011, Martin held several positions as lead programmer and head of development.


He has led the design and implementation phases for a variety of systems, spanning from industrial robots control to power-plant data distribution.

Martin has a B.Scin Infomatics.